5 Things To Do This Skin Shines Bright

5 Things To Do This Skin Shines Bright – To obtain a glowing clear skin not necessarily to remove the cost of expensive, the use of natural materials that surround us can meet our desires so far.

Many roads can we do to get clear skin as we dream of, one of which is by using ingredients sourced from nature.

Because of the pristine nature so do not worry about its devastating consequences in the future, is completely safe and worth a try.

This is the fifth natural step that we can do so as a bright and glowing skin in spite of all kinds of problems that commonly affects the skin.

1. applying honey

The steps are very simple, we just have to prepare honey as needed and then Begin smearing all sides of the skin with honey, let stand about a few minutes to become dry and then wash with cold water.

When this guide we work with regularly so surely face or other parts of the skin will look brighter and far from being dull.

To obtain satisfactory results, work the way just now 2x a day within a period of one full month.

2. Liquid milk and banana

Prepare a ripe banana puree then, after we enter the refined liquid milk into it and stir until blended. Put / stick to the face and wait until 15 minutes after the dry so we can pick up a used mask it with a clean cloth soaked in warm water.

We must do this step at least 2 times a day for the second week in a row. When done according to regulations and keep the whole guidelines that have been described, so finally we can feel one week after application.

3. Orange juice and walnut powder

Even this step is known to create powerful bright skin, to begin with we first set up the basic components like orange juice, honey and walnut powder as needed.

After completely ready, mix the ingredients together and stir until completely flat berna, place it on the face and then forward up to 15 minutes.

Clean thoroughly with water and dry with a dry towel. This step is done at least once a day in the time period of 7 to 10 days.

4. Cabbage

Heat the water and wait until boiling, add the cabbage water then necessary to wait until the water color switch. Lift then wait for hours until the water gets cold.

When cold we can immediately put into the cooking water before the face area, along a few minutes and then let sit flush with cold water.

Do it every morning and evening just before going to bed to obtain real results.

5. Pay attention to what we consume

What we eat today will affect our health, therefore good look at what will we eat. So that the skin bright and radiant, do consume foods that contain vitamin E, C and A.

All three are vitamin that is sorely needed by the skin to fend off the threat of free radicals that can cause damage to the skin.

But if you want a safe way more practical, just use facial skin care range of GLOWHITE consisting of facial cream bleach, bleach and soap acne soap. GLOWHITE …. safe to use, and real properties.

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Recognizing Skin Functions And How To Maintain health

The skin is an organ between the human body is very major. To optimize the benefits of the skin, it kept the state of his health.

The skin is divided into a variety of components including water, proteins, lipids, various minerals and chemical compounds. According to the average, the weight of the skin of a roughly 2.7 kg in adults. There are three main composition of the skin namely epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis.

Below are the various benefits of the skin for the main body:

Make protection agency
The skin has various ectodermal arrangement (the arrangement of outer skin that directly relate to the surrounding environment) with the benefits of making the protection of muscles, bones, ligaments, and organs inside the body. The skin is also very act on the resistance body made of self-protection from germs at risk.

Protecting the body temperature
The skin can respond to rising or falling temperature delivered by the sign of the brain. To cool the body heat, sweat glands will make the body remove sweat through the skin.

Put and do the synthesis process
Skin plays a sort of central storage of water and fat. And very probably done the synthesis of vitamin D obtained from sunlight.

So the sense of taste
The skin had a variety of nerve endings that act sort of the human sense of taste in hot or cold, touch, vibration, pressure, until the tissue injury.

supporting performances
The skin is the organ that is the first time diliat by others. The skin may support the view, appeal, while the mood in a.

Protecting Free Skin Health
Along with age, the skin will naturally turn. The skin is no longer as gentle and strong at a young age appeal. Except that, the skin is more inclined dry, thick, and vulnerable to the problem. It takes care of skin apt to protect the health and vitality of the skin. Although skin the natural way will regenerate itself approximately every 27 days.

The various steps that can be done to protect the health of the skin, namely:

First, clean the skin 2x a day. Before bed at night, remove all make-up that remains attached to the face. It is advisable to use soap without fragrance. Always protect the balanced intake of nutrients.

Wear a moisturizer daily. For you who have oily skin, specify the label-free moisturizer (oil-free) on the packaging.

Ultraviolet light from the sun and smoking are two things that can alter the aging process of the skin. Smokers in the know have more wrinkles in the appeal is not a smoker at the age and skin the same color ..

Always use sunscreen when doing activities outside space, including cloudy days and rain. Use artificial sunscreen with SPF 30 or more, which makes protection from UVA and UVB. Limit exposure to sunlight hours of 10 am to 2 pm. Kompliti with long sleeves, long pants, hats, or other protective

Primarily to protect the state of health of the skin. When suffering from a complaint, immediately check the state of the dermatologist to those around you.